The Cost Of A Family Lawyer In Calgary

When you are going through complicated family legal matters, hiring a family lawyer to help you during this difficult period can be highly beneficial. 

Unfortunately, an issue with many people is the cost that comes with hiring a family lawyer in Calgary. However, if given clarity on how much a lawyer costs and what affects their rates, individuals and families might be encouraged to hire them. 

This guide breaks down how a family lawyer can help you, what affects their rate and fees, and the cost of hiring a family lawyer in Calgary. 

What Can A Family Law Do For You

Family lawyers can help with a range of issues that are related to family law in Alberta. These include: 

  • Child custody and support
  • Cohabitation, Separation and Prenuptial Agreements
  • Spousal Support
  • Divorce 
  • Mediation 
  • Settling of Wills and Estates 

What Affects The Cost Of A Family Law In Calgary

The Complexity Of The Case 

The price of hiring a family lawyer will be significantly affected by the nature and complexity of your case. The more complex and challenging your situation, the more it will cost in the long-term. The ongoing, extensive work required to handle your case, as well as the need for additional help from assistants, might raise your final price. Before your lawyer starts, they will evaluate the complexity of the case and the type of work that will be required, before quoting you a price.

Family Lawyer Calgary

Ongoing Work 

The work for which a client is charged refers to all the work that is needed to meet your goals. This can include meetings with the lawyer, analyzing financial and legal information, legal and case research, correspondence between the two lawyers involved in the case, preparation time and attendance at mediation, court or arbitration.

Whether You Go To Court Or Not 

There is no doubt about it: going to court can be costly. Whether you’re going for a divorce or a custody battle, the fees for taking up the court’s time can be quite expensive. So too will the family lawyer’s fee. Going to court can impact the ongoing cost of hiring a family lawyer. 

The Experience Of The Lawyer 

Experience, knowledge and a winning record are significant factors when it comes to hiring a family lawyer in Calgary. The more experienced the lawyer, the more knowledge they have in handling cases, the better the chance they can get the result you want. It also means that you will be paying more for their services. You can be expected to pay more for a lawyer with ten experience, as opposed to one just out of law school. 

The Cost Of A Family Law In Calgary 

Unfortunately, there is no average hourly rate that comes with hiring a family lawyer in Calgary. Some lawyers charge an hourly as low as $100, some as high as $650. 

Some lawyers offer a flat fee for the work. As an example, a separation agreement can cost between $2,000, without children, to $3,500 with children. You also have to take into account consultation fees and any additional charges that occur during the legal proceedings. 

With family conflicts, there is uncertainty in how long it requires to finalize a matter. As such, individuals should be prepared to pay high fees for a family lawyer.

At THEBIL Family Law we are committed to providing our clients with reliable, trustworthy and honest legal services. Inspired by our founding lawyer, Nne Christiana Udo, we are strong advocates for the rights of the vulnerable in society. We will provide all those who need our service with staunch legal support. We have created a culture where we can achieve the goals that you set out for us. Our expertise is in family law, but we can also help with real estate, wills, estates and immigration. Give us a call on (403) 457-3128 or go to our website ( and fill out a Contact Form.


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