Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Calgary

Divorce can be an emotionally and financially challenging experience. That's why our experienced divorce lawyers are here to help you navigate the process with compassion, efficiency, and expertise.

THEBIL Family Law firm, we have a proven track record in helping clients successfully navigate the complexities of matrimonial law. Our dedicated and knowledgeable legal professionals specialize in various areas. Our team is here to guide you through this difficult time, providing compassionate support and expert legal counsel every step of the way.


Why Work With a Reliable Family Lawyer?

The Many Ways Calgary Divorce Lawyer Can Help

When it comes to family matters and legal issues, an attorney plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals through the often complex and emotionally challenging terrain of family law matters.

Navigating The Divorce And Separation Process

Whether it's an uncontested divorce or a complex one, an attorney is your legal compass during the legal process. They help you understand the intricacies of laws in your jurisdiction, file the necessary paperwork, and ensure all legal requirements are met to initiate and complete the proceedings smoothly and, most importantly, a favorable divorce judgment.

Dispute Resolution

Not all separations need to be combative. Skilled lawyers can help facilitate divorce dispute resolution methods, helping couples reach amicable agreements on issues like child custody and access, property division, and alimony without going to court. This can save time and emotional and financial distress.

Child Custody and Support

Ensuring the well-being of your children is a top priority during a legal separation. An experienced lawyer will advocate for your parental rights and help create a fair child support amount and comprehensive plan that considers the children's best legal support regarding guardianship.

Alimony And Spousal Support

In cases where one spouse may be entitled to financial support, an attorney can help negotiate spousal support arrangements that are fair and just, considering factors such as income, assets, and the length of the marriage.

Division Of Matrimonial Property

Dividing marital assets and debts can be a complex process. Your attorney will work as a mediator to ensure the division is equitable, helping you secure your fair share of assets and a smooth transition into post-divorce financial stability.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Life changes, and sometimes, separation agreements need to be modified. A solicitor can assist in requesting or contesting modifications to child support or alimony arrangements based on changing circumstances.

Enforcing Court Orders

If your ex-spouse fails to comply with court orders, your attorney can help enforce them, ensuring that you receive the support or visitation rights to which you are entitled.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

Above all, a divorce attorney is your advocate, safeguarding your rights and interests throughout the legal process. They ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that the outcome is just and equitable.

Our Best Qualities

Why People Choose Us?


Empathetic & Sincere

Empathetic & Sincere

We listen to your situation with an open heart and an empathetic spirit. Legal battles can be stressful and intimidating, but we are here to help. You can count on us to be completely objective and fair.

Diligent & Successful

Diligent & Successful

We go the extra mile to help you achieve the outcome you want. Whether you’re battling for child custody or seeking protection for a real estate investment, our lawyers will fight on your behalf.

Fair & Professional

Fair & Professional

We maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and integrity. While we work hard for your success, we also play by the rules and approach every case with fairness and equality.

Skilled & Knowledgeable

Skilled & Knowledgeable

We have decades of experience in family and divorce law with the knowledge, training, and skills to help you achieve a desirable outcome. We also offer ongoing support and education.

Honest & Affordable

Honest & Affordable

We provide legal representation at a cost that is fair and affordable, making our services accessible to anyone. Whether your case is large or small, we offer a fair and honest price.

Realistic & Genuine

Realistic & Genuine

While we always go the extra mile, we emphasize the importance of setting realistic expectations with our clients. We vow never to be disingenuous about the likelihood of success in a court case.

How The Divorce Process Works in Calgary

In Calgary, a divorce can be granted by a court of competent jurisdiction on the ground that there has been a breakdown of marriage. This means that the spouses have reached a point where it is no longer possible for them to continue their marriage.

There are two main grounds for divorce in Alberta for a sucessful a divorce procedure:

  1. Living separate and apart for at least one year: Spouses must have lived apart for at least one year before the determination of the divorce proceeding, and they must have been living separately at the commencement of the proceeding.
  2. Adultery or mental/physical cruelty: The spouse bringing forth the divorce can also claim that their partner has committed adultery or that they have been subjected to physical or mental cruelty that makes it intolerable to continue living together.

It is important to note that the calculation of the separation period in the first scenario can be complex. Spouses are considered to have lived separately and apart if they have physically lived apart and at least one has intended to live separately. Additionally, any period where the spouses have resumed cohabitation for reconciliation purposes (up to a total of 90 days) will not be considered as interrupting or terminating the period of separation.

The role of the court in a divorce proceeding is crucial. Before considering evidence, the court must ensure that there is no possibility of reconciliation unless the circumstances clearly indicate otherwise.

Besides, if a spouse is seeking a divorce due to their partner's adultery or cruelty, the court must also be satisfied that there has been no condonation or connivance on the part of the spouse bringing forth the proceedings.

What Makes Our Divorce Lawyer in Calgary Trustworthy?

Specialization In Extensive Family Law

At THEBIL- a reputed Calgary law firm, we specialize in various areas of law, making us your go-to resource for comprehensive legal support. While divorce may be at the forefront of your concerns, we are well-versed in all aspects of family law in Calgary, ensuring we can address related issues, such as child support, prenuptial agreement, alimony, and division of property. Our goal is to provide you with a holistic legal strategy that covers every angle of your case.

A Comprehensive Legal Team

In addition to our expertise in divorce and family law, we also have a strong presence in real estate law and immigration law. If your divorce case involves real estate assets or immigration concerns, you can rely on us for integrated legal solutions that address your needs. We pride ourselves on simplifying complex legal matters as a one-stop legal solution for our clients through both mediation and arbitration.

Local Experience And Familiarity With Alberta's Legal System

Divorce laws and procedures vary by jurisdiction of the Divorce Act. Choosing a local Calgary divorce lawyer ensures they know Alberta's regulations and can effectively represent you in court. That's what we are all about. Our founder, Christiana, is one of the most experienced and best Calgary family lawyers who knows Calgary family law as a good attorney should.

Clear Communication And Transparency

We prioritize clear communication with our clients. We keep you informed about the progress of your case, explain legal terms in plain language, and make ourselves readily available to address your concerns and answer your questions. Well-informed clients make better decisions!

Reputation And Consistency

A proven track record of success in family cases is essential in selecting a divorce lawyer. We have a reputation for providing consistent, high-quality legal services to the society of Alberta. Our legal team has successfully handled numerous divorce cases, ranging from amicable separations to contentious battles, always striving for the best outcomes for our clients.

Client-First Approach

An empathetic and understanding lawyer who prioritizes your well-being is invaluable during a divorce. Our team's dedication to fighting for our clients is fueled by the personal experiences of our founder, Christiana Bil, who has been through the divorce process herself. Whether you need legal assistance with child support, dispute resolution, or legal advice, you can rely on our lawyer's expertise. She is one of the best divorce lawyers in the industry!

Compatibility And Trust

Your relationship with your divorce lawyer should be one of trust and collaboration. Choose a professional you feel comfortable confiding in and who understands your goals and priorities for the case.

We recognize that every divorce is unique, and each client's needs and circumstances differ. Our divorce attorney takes the time to understand your situation, tailoring our legal strategies to serve your interests best and protect your rights. We are committed to providing the compassionate support you need during this emotional time.

A History Of Compassion And Commitment

Founded by Christiana Obaseki, THEBIL Family Law is driven by a fierce determination to make society better. Christiana uses her past experiences and hardships as the foundation of her unwavering commitment to the well-being of her clients.

Commitment To A Better Future

We understand that divorce is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life. That's why, through our comprehensive family law services, we aim to secure a favourable outcome in your divorce and help you transition to a brighter future. We provide family law advice on post-divorce matters and protect your rights.

Our Transparent, Reliable, Collaborative Law Process

Our firm follows a systematic approach, ensuring our clients are informed at every step. We remain committed to your best interests from initial consultation to final resolution. Our process includes:

Initial Consultation

We begin by carefully listening to your concerns and understanding your situation. This ensures that you receive tailored advice and legal representation.

Case Assessment

Our expert team assesses your case to provide strategic advice and develop the most effective action.

Negotiation & Mediation

We aim to resolve disputes amicably whenever possible, adopting a collaborative approach and utilizing mediation as a cost-effective alternative.


If negotiation and mediation prove unsuccessful, we can assertively represent you in court to protect your rights and interests.

Post-Divorce Support

We offer continuing support and advice on any post-divorce issues, such as enforcement of judgments or modifications to existing agreements.

Your Trusted Divorce and Family Lawyer in Calgary

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is crucial to the outcome of your case. As one of the best law firms in Calgary, we're not just legal professionals but your trusted partners throughout the divorce process. We know the law society and Calgary family law.

We're dedicated to providing honest, relevant, and compassionate legal representation backed by our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. You can rely on our team for your legal needs. Our team is experience in divorce cases and go an extra mile to handle every case as smoothly as possible and reach a solution.

When you choose THEBIL as your divorce attorney, you can expect the following:

Responsiveness, clear communication and guidance
Personalized legal strategies
Comprehensive understanding of family legal matters
Access to a team with expertise in related legal areas
Compassion and support during a challenging time

Let us be the pillar of strength you need during your divorce in Calgary journey. Contact our Calgary office online or by calling us to book a consultation and take the first step towards a brighter future. One of our family lawyers, Calgary, will help you throughout the process.

We're here to listen, understand, help you resolve your issues, and fight for your rights as your dedicated and experienced divorce lawyer.

FAQs About Divorce Lawyers in Calgary

Here are some common questions we receive from clients regarding divorce lawyers in Calgary, Alberta:

A divorce lawyer helps clients navigate the legal complexities of divorce, provides legal advice and representation during divorce proceedings, and works towards achieving a fair settlement for both parties.

Consider experience, reputation, and communication style when choosing a divorce lawyer. Finding an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer who understands your needs and can provide personalized attention to your case is important.

The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the lawyer's experience. At THEBIL Family Law, we offer competitive rates and strive to provide our clients with efficient and affordable legal representation. Contact us for more details.

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