Immigration lawyers are a huge asset when it comes to the new immigrant process. Laws are ever-changing, and having someone who actively studies and interacts with the legal system is invaluable when it comes to streamlining the immigration process. 

One of the ways in which immigration lawyers are most helpful is their ability to deal with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship division of Canada (IRCC). Much of the immigration process is mired with specific legal documents and forms, and having a lawyer to help you navigate the requirements for successful immigration status is great. But, how do immigration lawyers in Calgary work with the IRCC?

Immigration Lawyer Calgary

Immigration Lawyer’s Qualifications Enable them to Give Proper Advice on Immigration Applications

Immigration lawyers are uniquely qualified to advise by their education and registry. In Canada, in order to give proper legal advice on immigration, you must be a member in good-standing of a Provincial or Territorial Law Society, a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), or a member of the Chambre des notariés du Québec.

This means they are qualified, but it also guarantees that immigration lawyers in Calgary know the correct steps to take through the immigration process and the associated dealings with the IRCC.

Knowledge of the IRCC Streamlines the Process for Immigration Lawyers

Immigration officers are given great decision-making power when processing immigration case files. While they must act within the rule of law, a straightforward and clear application will be easier processed and will likely proceed through the system at a quickened pace. 

This is why immigration lawyers in Calgary are so effective. They will complete the necessary forms, ensure your personal information is correct, and offer proper legal advice about how to categorize your application. Including, whether or not you can apply as a skilled tradesperson which will further speed up the application process. 

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